Sparkling Grape Juice (CORK)

Our natural unsweetened grape juice is made from Hanepoot and Cheninblanc grapes. The grapes are picked at 17°B and after crushing, the juice is prevented from fermenting by chilling the juice. The juice is protein and tartrate stabilised after which the juice is slightly carbonated during bottling. Our juice is 100% natural, alcohol free, with only the sugar present which comes from the original grapes.
Grape Juice
White Grape Juice Analysis:
RS: 152.8g/l
pH: 3.06
TA: 7.47g/l
FSO2: 30ppm
FSO2: 92ppm
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Price per Bottle:
R 45.00
Price per Case:
R 513.00
Red Grape Juice Analysis:
RS: 122.6g/l
pH: 3.3
TA: 7.16g/l
FSO2: 53ppm
FSO2: 130ppm
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