Wine making contract services, bottling and more

If you own a private label and are a winery, distillery or a brewery and require professional bottling services, we can assist. We will take care of your bottle filling, labelling, and storing requirements professionally so that you can be rest assured your business needs are in good and capable hands.

At Koelenhof, we hold Grade-A GSFS/BRC certification for our production facilities.

We offer:

  • Contract grape processing
  • Contract bottling
  • On-site laboratory
  • Wine storage

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More about our Contract wine making services

Koelenhof Wine Cellar provides a comprehensive range of services to the wine industry. We make our facilities available on a contract basis, to producers who do not have their own facilities required for wine making. So, if you happen to be a budding wine producer and want to start making wine, but lack the capital to establish your own processing facility, you can contract Koelenhof to do it for you. We offer both small and established producers the resources required to make and store wine in optimal conditions.

Koelenhof has an on-site laboratory, processing facility, bottling plant and storage facility that are available to anyone wanting to outsource production, bottling and storage. We have a fully equipped laboratory in which we are able to conduct state-of-the-art chemical analysis on our wines and other elements of our production process. Analysis can either be performed manually or by utilising modern laboratory technologies.

As required for local bottling companies, our bottling plant earned Grade-A GSFS/BRC certification early in 2010, and independent external laboratory tests determined that our process is of the highest quality.

From a storage point of view, we constructed a 2,400 m² storeroom facility in 2010. Currently, we have the capacity to store 4,000 palettes, 2,000 crates and 1,600 vats. Located close to Stellenbosch, we are also perfectly situated to load shipping containers either by hand or in palettes.

Each year, more than 50 private clients contact us to utilise our wine production facilities – a fact that attests to the satisfaction these customers experience in making use of our expertise and infrastructure. Whether you are looking for contract wine making, wine analysis, bottling, branding or the safe storage of wines, we possess the expertise, experience and ideal facilities guaranteed to meet your needs. Contact us today and discover how we can help you take your wine making aspirations to the next level.

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A typical checklist when choosing to outsource contract services

  1. Budget: ensure that your budget is adequate to accommodate professional bottling and labelling which ensures a high-end product.
  2. Services included: typically, one would require all contract services in one contractor as this is cost-effective and practical in terms of good business.
  3. Final packaging: enquire if the plant offers packaging and wrapping services for distribution.
  4. Reputation: only use contractors that have a good reputation in the industry and have appropriate accreditation to do so.
  5. Timeous: what production timeline can be expected on your product, this could affect your distribution and sales efforts.
  6. Bottles: ensure the type of bottles you want are available in order to get the best value in products and service.
  7. Relationship: one should aim to work with the best in the business with opportunities to cultivate healthy business relationships.
  8. Distribution license: if your contractor has this license, they can distribute your product too.
  9. Technology: enquire on what technology they make use of in a laboratory as advancements in this industry can be a game changer for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  10. Quality checks: what processes, checks and measures are implemented to ensure a great end product?
Contact us today and discover how we can help you take your wine making aspirations to the next level.
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